Car Loans

Car Loans

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Better Car Finance

There's a lot of extra value our in-house car finance specialists give when organising finance for your car. Much more than you'd expect.

Over the years, some brokers and finance companies have done a good job marketing their business, telling you they offer better options than dealerships, but the reality is quite different. In-house dealership car finance advisors are specialists in helping you get finance for cars. They are qualified and accredited car finance experts, not fly-by-night salespeople like some brokers claim.

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    Experts in Car Finance

    Our car finance specialists have been in the car finance industry for a long time. Their empathy and experience is second to none. Highly respected by their peers, the financial institutions they represent and most importantly, by all the people they've helped with car loans over the years.

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    Significant Buying Power

    Our buying power can get you lower bank interest rates than any broker or going directly to the bank yourself. That may seem like to bold statement, but it's true. Our strength is through our buying power and put simply, we can access much better car finance interest rates and we're happy to share that advantage with you.

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    Fast, Efficient & Convenient

    We explain everything and answer your queries, do all the paperwork, get you pre-approval and keep you informed throughout the entire process. Then, when you're ready to buy a car, we can normally get your application approved the same day.

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    Flexible Repayment Terms & Options

    Loan terms are usually between 2 – 7 years with monthly or fortnightly repayments so you can manage your budget easily. Balloon payments are available to approved customers and are a great way to reduce your regular repayments.

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    No Deposit Required

    100% finance is available to approved customers. Plus, you may be able to bundle insurance and on-road costs in the loan total.

All car finance discussions and applications are kept in the strictest confidence and as with any finance, actual loan information including interest rate, loan term and deposit is subject to individual circumstances and lending criteria.

Personalise your car loan to suit you.

Adjust the loan amount, the loan term, your deposit or down payment, and the interest rate to see what your estimated loan repayments would be.

Car Loan Repayments


Only add numbers. No spaces.

Car Finance Options

There's a wide variety of car loan options, which in itself can cause a lot of confusion. But don't worry, we will help you select a car loan that suits you best and manage the whole process for you. These are the three most common types of car loans.

Our advisors are always looking at improving their services; what they offer, new products, interest rates and ways to help customers reduce their overall repayments. Yes, they get a commission from the lender they represent and they're worth every cent, purely on the added value they offer for both the customer and the lender.

Consumer Fixed Rate Car Loans Consumer Fixed Rate Car Loans

This is the most common type of loan for a car where the interest rate is fixed for the whole term of the car loan. This helps you budget your living expenses because there's no interest rate increase surprises along the way.

Loan terms are usually between 2 – 7 years with monthly or fortnightly repayments.

You could spend a lot of time shopping around all of the car finance companies in Perth, trying to understand and compare their car loans and whilst we strongly encourage you to ensure that whichever car loan you choose is the right one for you, choosing a car loan solely because you think you're getting a lower interest rate may end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Fully Maintained Novated Lease Fully Maintained Novated Lease

A fully maintained novated lease combines the cost of the actual car and the vehicle's running expenses over a given period (usually 3 years) into one monthly lease payment. The running costs usually includes; servicing, maintenance & tyres; fuel; registration and insurance; accident management; other tax costs & FBT.

This type of car finance is an agreement between an employer, employee and finance company. An employee leases the car from the finance company and the employer agrees to take on the obligations (make the payments) under that lease agreement. The employer pays the monthly lease payments on behalf of the employee and provides the vehicle to the employee as part of their salary package. If employment ceases, the lease obligations revert to the employee.

As an employee, a fully maintained novated lease may reduce your income tax and may saves you the GST costs on the purchase of the vehicle and its running expenses. At the end of the lease term, the equity in the vehicle is yours, not your employers. You choose the vehicle you want, you purchase the vehicle and the lease agreement is in your name. As part of your agreement with your employer, a portion of your earnings is salary sacrificed in return for the vehicle. The lease portion is deducted from your pre-tax earnings and PAYG tax is calculated after the lease portion has been deducted.

Employers benefit by being able to offer a flexible salary package with little or no-extra cost to the business without risk.

Talk to your employer to see if they offer salary packaging and find out what choices you have.

Car Loans for Business Business Use Car Loans or Car Loans for Business

Chattel mortgage or commercial hire purchase (CHP) are each different types of car loans designed for all types of businesses from a sole trader through to large corporations. Both these types of business car loans are designed by the ATO to maximise your tax benefits and claim the GST (if you're registered). But please remember, consult your accountant or tax advisor for advise about your individual circumstances.

The car loan term, deposit or the residual can be adjusted to help make the monthly repayment fit into your budget and your business.

We have years of experience helping businesses in Perth with business car finance. We understand the benefits of buying a car through your business. In a lot of cases, we can help organise an approval within a few hours, without all the rigmarole and streams of financial paperwork some of the major banks require.