Free Engine Oil Upgrade for V8 engines
Youngs Performance

Harrop Performance Centre

Victoria Park, Perth

Our Harrop Performance Centre specialises in customising cars with the hottest automotive performance products proudly designed and manufactured in Australia by Harrop Engineering.

Harrop Performance WA

We have vast experience in all the Harrop performance products, dyno tuning, engine mods, brakes & driveline upgrades. We used to be called Harrop Performance WA and decided to bring everything under one umbrella so now we're simply called Youngs Performance. We're the same guys, same address just a different name. Come discover everything there is to love about Harrop Performance from our workshop here in Victoria Park, Perth Western Australia.

Youngs Performance

We’re extremely passionate about automotive performance.

Youngs Performance

We build, test and fine-tune everything in meticulousness detail.

Youngs Performance

We have all the latest Harrop performance products.


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